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 Puzzle - 1

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PostSubyek: Puzzle - 1   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:48 am

1. 1 Penguin 100 Cases - Free penguin game

Amazing adventures are waiting for you in this free penguin game! It's all about Penguin that stuck inside the egg and could not hatch out because its alarm clock was broken. Being caught in a fishing net Pengoo gets to New Zealand. Only you can help Pengoo to overcome all tough challenges of this free penguin game! Then he has to find out the way back home meeting mystical creatures (ancient turtle Pamela Andrewson, leprekon, killer whale, cockroach and many others) on his way trying to solve their not a kid sort of problems along with his own ones. Download free penguin game!

Download 1 Penguin 100 Cases

2. 5 Realms Of Cards - Classic Game

5 Realms of Cards is a new incarnation of a massively popular solitaire classic game. Unlike previous solitaire variations, 5 Realms of Cards has a revolutionary new gameplay. Besides, the game presents a wonderful storyline and has an element of intrigue - realms in the game stand for spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts. As for the fifth realm, it's a surprise for the player to find. The classic game begins in the land of card realms, where malevolent force has awakened after a 100-year slumber, plunging the realms into darkness. This is where you step in. Your objective is to help a young princess named Jokerina restore peace and beauty by recovering magic artifacts broken by evil forces. To achieve this goal, you must go through a map of 5 card realms, each of which has 15 beautifully rendered levels full of thrilling solitaire playing fun. Players have a choice of two playing modes: timed and untimed. The motion is liquid smooth and you get a feeling that you are playing with real solid cards. Each card realm is graced by its own hand drawn visuals that along with soothing music create a placatory atmosphere, letting the player fully enjoy slow-paced solitaire entertainment. Download free classic game, the land of cards is open for you!

Download 5 Realms Of Cards

3. 7 Artifacts - free mystery games

Plunge into a world of free mystery games! Fragments of a secret prophecy are appearing all over Greece. The vital task of unraveling its code belongs to a young magician, Lidia. Follow her across Greece towards the regent of Athens, solving fragments of the prophecy along the way. You should be very inventive playing the free mystery game! Match gems to obtain letters, and activate the power of the artifacts! Untangle the mystery of this code and claim generous gifts and boundless gratitude as your reward! Download this free mystery game right now!

Download 7 Artifacts

4. Amazing Pyramids - Free pyramid game

Ancient secrets are waiting for you in the free pyramid game! Solve intricate word puzzles and unravel the secrets of an ancient city! Lead a group of scientists through addicting mini-games and jumbled letters in the Saharan desert! This exciting free pyramid game will fire your imagination! Earn bonuses for quick and clever solutions! Download free pyramid game!

Download Amazing Pyramids

5. Age Of Emerald - match three

Download a colorful match three game for free and try to become the greatest architect! Use your skills to help four magicians build the most splendid city in the entire world. Match building materials, delicious food, gold and magical artifacts! Build a marvelous city for the King and host the King`s birthday party. With over 200 levels and 30 buildings to build, Age of Emerald has something for everybody! Collect over 30 different resources and use 5 magical bonuses to build your grand city in this match three game! Download free full version of the fascinating match three game and dive into the magic world!

Download Age Of Emerald

6. Advanced Lines - Free Board Game

This is the most fascinating free board game! Advanced Lines is an incredibly addictive color matching game with a bunch of sound effects and a graphics galore. It includes three different game types: lines, squares and blocks. Advanced Lines is played on a 9x9 square board, which is filled with colored objects. The aim of the free board game is to build various figures out of objects of the same color. You score points by building figures, which eventually disappear. The deal is to make as big a score as you can get and prevent the objects from filling up the playing area. Once you fill it up the game ends. There are two available objects types: Static color balls and Dynamic animated funny characters. Dynamic objects are good for kids, beginners or just laid back players. There is a great selection of options to tweak the game to your liking: outstanding graphic and background music, which will make the game so much fun. Our user friendly interface will make it difficult to put the game down. Advanced Lines can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It is easy to learn and has several difficulty levels. Moreover, it develops your logical thinking and spatial skills. Why not give it a shot? Play free board game!

Download Advanced Lines

7. Animal Rehouse - Animal Games

The animal games will please you! Your mission is to rehouse all animals of the Funny Islands. Drag animals into matching slots. Fill the screen before time runs out. You need to put an animal matching the shape and color on the right strip so that all strips are filled. The gameplay has several modes in this animal game. Enjoy beautiful hand rendered graphics, two exciting game modes, and great fun! Download Animal Games and Play for Free!

Download Animal Rehouse

8. Engineering - Mystery Of The Ancient Clock - clock game

Download an interesting clock game for free! "Engineering - Mystery of the Ancient Clock" is a new fascinating and relaxing game. It will take you to the most exotic corners of the world. Walking under the stars... How great it would be to spend a starry night in the jungle, in the mountains or near exotic geysers! Now you have a chance to do that! Why don’t you take a walk helping Professor Richardson find the missing parts of a magic chronometer to gain Universal Knowledge? This night, the stars lined up in a special way, allowing you to activate the ancient artifact. Now is the very best moment to start the magic chronometer and gain Universal Knowledge. Only in this outstanding free clock game you will find the missing parts scattered in the grass of the jungle, the sands of the desert and the rocks of the mountains. Don’t linger - you must do that before dawn comes! Use the mysterious prizes to win. Delve into the world of Engineering, where you will be able to demonstrate your logic and savvy by collecting the precious parts of the chronometer and visiting the most amazing parts of the planet. You will reveal all the mysteries in this free downloadable clock game!

Download Engineering

9. El Dorado Quest - treasure games

Download this colorful treasure game! Become a real hunter of treasures! Have a captivating adventure with Bob and Jane! You will go step by step into the ancient Incan civilization to find the lost city of Eldorado, the city that is hidden in the Amazon jungles. Eldorado conceals the Inca's treasures, the treasures of a powerful empire. You will search for and discover artifacts. Put them together to form 7 holy amulets. All these amulets combine to form the magic key to the mysterious city of Eldorado. It's not that easy to get to the concealed rubies, gold, and diamonds. You will have to go through all the levels of this treasure game to find them! You will have to solve a great number of puzzles that reveal secrets of the ancient Incan civilization. Now, get ready for the journey with Bob and Jane! Download and play this exciting treasure game and start your journey!

Download El Dorado Quest

10. Electro Master - Electro Game

Download colorful electro game! People have been using electricity in their life for a long time. They use it at home and in the work. Electricity works instead men. Nobody is surprised that computers and robots work at plants. What would our life have been if people had never invented electricity? It's even difficult to imagine now. The work of the man who assembles power lines is hard and difficult. And it is not easy to maintain them. That is a job of an electric. Do you think it is not interesting? Not quite right! Try to feel all the delicacy of being an electric in the free electro game. Especially when you've got such a difficult task. The task is to assemble all power lines, damaged by robots which want to destroy all the mankind. Although not all the robots turned against the mankind but majority of them promote the active destruction of the united electric nets of the world! They blow up power lines in different places. Don't let them do it! You have to connect all broken chains of power line in time. You have done it but consumption station is off that is why the chain is broken. You have to switch it on by pushing red buttons and gathering tools of activation. You'll recognize them because little red arrows always point at them. There are a large number of prizes in the game. They help you during the game. Some of them help you to connect the elements. Through "The Door" you can go to the next level straight away. If you use the elements which hold up the liquid and "Money Pump", you'll get the maximum score! You can also collect precious stones, every three precious stones you get a freestyle prize. But you should careful too, beware of catches! Every level is more interesting than the previous one. Every level has its own new prize element. In all there are 100 levels in the game! The game is very beautiful and interesting! The prize is so small that don't even think, just buy it and all! Enjoy playing Electro Master game!

Download Electro Master
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