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PostSubyek: Action - 1   Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:35 am

1. Cosmic Pirates - Pirates Game

How about playing incredible pirates game? Joze, Stella and Captain are a great team of desperate pirates which had been organized long ago! They found out an opportunity of robbing a cruiser with super valuable load aboard. Our friends decided to risk! Should they've known what will come of it! In pirates game, together with the charming heroes you'll go through the real piratical adventures: destroying the whole enemy's fleet alone, visiting unbelievable Worlds and of course fighting with huge evil leaders! Download pirates game and destroy all your enemies!

Download Game

2. Absolute Evil - Play Free Arcade Game

Play free arcade game, don’t let the evil rule the world! Long, long time ago, when magic was a usual thing, people were not the only sentient beings on the Earth. There were also trolls, goblins, elves and many others. Every so often wars between those beings broke out. The chaos reigned in countries then. Some countries would win over the other ones, some would suffer defeat. The rulers were changing, enlighteners were born. It all went on till a horrible creature appeared. The absolute evil was born amongst hostile countries. This creature ate evil energy and grew up. When the rulers realized that it posed a threat for the countries, they decided to conclude an armistice and join the efforts. Every country and every race sent their best warriors to defeat the evil. You will travel trough great quantity of captivating levels, fighting against the evil forces. Play free arcade game and you'll face volcanoes eruption, lava steeps, and many other scaring nature phenomena. You'll fight not only on earth, but repulse air attacks. Magic spells could provoke natural disasters. But different bonuses will help you to follow out the game. Play free arcade game, you will enjoy it!

Download Game

3. Air Force Missions - Free 3D Game

Air Force Missions is a free 3D game with terrific graphics, powerful sound and user friendly gameplay. Get ready to destroy the armies of ground, air and water weaponry. You will be attacked by armored jeeps, heavy helicopters, submarines, jet fighters, aircraft carriers, battleships. Are you ready for all the difficulties of the free 3D game? Warfare is unfold on the water, in the desert, in the mountains and even over human settlements. Download free 3D Game and play it now!

Download game

4. Alien Terminator - free alien games

Do you feel like playing free alien games? Our planet Earth was attacked by aggressive aliens. Invasion had been so sudden that human casualties were just uncalculatable. Aliens had perfect technologies and humans were always defeated in direct encounters. Due to interception of alien transmissions earth scientists were able to determine alien bases displacement. They were placed on the planets of solar system. In this free alien game you will learn that the invaders are very tough to defeat. United government of the earth decided to open war on enemy territories. Project ''star avenger'' was developed to create a mobile military unit that could destroy all alien bases. Humankind, united by single goal, managed to build heavy weaponed and armored truck. It was the truck that was the sole hope of the entire planet earth habitants. Destroy bases of the aggressive aliens for the sake of humankind. Download free alien game, it is a pure joy!

Download Game

5. Warlike Flyboys - Ww3 - Download Plane Simulator

Download outstanding plane simulator for free! Warlike Flyboys - WW3 is a new simulator of aerial warfare. This time, the action is taking place in present time. What could the third world war look like? Apparently, it would be all about cutting-edge weapons and space-age aviation! The side that will be more aggressive and better at controlling its jets will be the winner! In this game, you will take the pilot's seat in a machine of pure destruction. The powerful machine guns and missile launchers of your plane will not cool down for a second, as there are so many missions ahead! Your tasks will include: defense of the friendly airspace from sudden enemy attacks, escorting bombers and transport planes, attacking enemy objects, transport convoys and, of course, endless dogfights. This high-quality simulator was developed in full accordance with the standards of its genre - shooting, explosions, rapid maneuvers and non-stop action. All you need to do is choose the plane you will control and join the fight. Download plane simulator, choose the coolest plane you like! The game features a great number of real planes belonging to the air forces of different countries - from MIG's to Sabres. All of them possess different combat characteristics. Intuitive controls and an active gameplay will help you quickly get familiar with the main piloting principles, while high-quality graphics and the accuracy of plane models will be a pleasant surprise for all fans of 3D games. Finally, the ever-changing weather and day/night transitions add plenty of realism to the game. Download free plane simulator right now! Play Warlike Flyboys - WW3 for free to delve into the world of battles and victories!

Download Game

6. Air Invasion - Invasion Game

You are the invasion game lover? You take a role of a commando in the game Air Invasion. Your task is to defend a military base situated on the island of MyPlayCity. The base is attacked by the air forces of the enemy. The enemy troops are landed periodically. In this invasion game you are to repulse an attack to protect the base. You have weapons of all kinds at your disposal. You receive ammunition and medicines via air support. Download the invasion game, try to go through all the levels!

Download Game
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